Other events

Rīgas Ritmi 2016

The music festival “Rīgas Ritmi” is one of the most attended and beloved music festivals in Latvia, which gathers together first class artists. It is one of the leading music festivals in the Baltics, and is also recognised in Europe and the world. The festival’s stages in various locations around Rīga invite internationally recognised and award-winning performers, as well as new and unheard of musical talents. The festival’s opening will occur on 29th June on the “Origo Summer Stage” stage. Event time: 29 June – 2 July. More information: www.rigasritmi.lv

Saulkrasti Jazz

This summer in Saulkrasti will host the XIX international Saulkrasti jazz festival. The festival’s participants include jazz musicians from more than 10 different countries – Latvia, Cyprus, USA, Russia, Cameroon, Brazil, Israel, Hungary, the Netherlands and Puerto Rico. On 14th and 22rd July “Origo Summer Stage” will also offer the constantly busy Riga inhabitants to enjoy part of the jazz music festival “Saulkrasti Jazz” program! Event time: 18 – 23 July More information: www.saulkrastijazz.lv

Festival Artissimo

In 2013 the Hermanis Brauns Foundation started a new tradition – a summer music and art festival “Artissimo”, which is a celebration that gathers together exceptional classical music and world music masters, orchestras and jazz bands. These unforgetable performances can be enjoyed on 3rd June on the “Origo Summer Stage” stage. Event time: 5 June – 30 August More information: www.hbf.lv

International Folklore Festival “Baltica 2016”

In 2015, the International Folklore Festival “Baltica” took place in Latvia, while in 2016 it will be hosted by Estonia. The “Baltica” festival is an event of great importance for the Baltic nations or countries, demonstrating their traditional cultural values – songs, instrumental music, storytelling, games, dances, as well as national applied arts and crafts and other expression forms of national culture or art. The participants of the festival will include ethnographic ensembles, folk groups, folk music bands, storytellers and other individual performers.